Jodi O’Hara

Fine art

O’Hara’s process for creating involves a balance of planning and a large amount of trust in the unknown. The artist purposely leaves room in her paintings for spontaneity because she finds that not planning the image in its entirety creates both difficulties but also triumphs as she figures out solutions to compositions. Most of the images revolve around what she refers to as an anchor- it is the thing that gives the painting weight and direction. These are the representational components found within the work. This anchor is drawn on the canvas prior to painting and is intentional in subject and placement. Having this facet in place allows the artist the freedom to explore the rest of the canvas freely through color and form, and exists as an atmosphere for interpretation by the viewer. O’Hara builds up many layers of oil paint to indicate history and to reveal a conversation about past experiences, encouraging the audience to draw from their own understanding.